“Everybody in the world has the right to be healthy, happy, and fulfilled…

We also have a responsibility to ourselves, to our consciousness, to our health, to our vitality, to our destiny.”

Health and healing are an ongoing practice of evolution, renewal, and way of life.  With these techniques, we can utilize our inherent gifts of body, mind, and spirit as tools to create health and well~ being.

Astrology: An ancient tool for making effective use of our energy and time, flowing with the natural cycles of the cosmos and planetary energies. Utilizing the natal/birth chart as a roadmap for understanding our life purpose and intent with the language of the cosmos and its connection to the cycles of Nature.

Massage and Bodywork: An ancient tool for grounding our body through the sense of nurturing touch, promoting healthy circulation and encouraging the natural healing capacity of the body.

Nutrition:  A tool for selecting and utilizing the food we eat, our relations, our career, and daily routine and exercise for our personal optimum efficiency, acknowledging the relationship of our bodies with nature and as nature.

Regression Therapy:  A tool for integrating our past to be fully empowered in the present, releasing patterns that no longer serve us.

*Astrology and Nutrition Consultation sessions via phone, zoom, or in person.  Sessions can be recorded for future listening.

*Massage, Bodywork & Regression sessions on Orcas Island, Wa.