Nutrition Counseling

Nutrition Counseling: $225.00 per 1,5 hour session with birth chart analysis, package deal for multiple sessions

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Your body, your temple, and conduit of nature’s truth. It is a vehicle by which information is transmitted to you from the environment and from you into the environment. At a cellular level, a set of codes that, at least unconsciously, we all know the language and to which becomes conscious and visible as either in alignment with health and vitality or in contrast a low energy and in an extreme case an illness. It shows us the results of the choices we make on how we utilize it, how we feed it, nurture it, how we exercise it, how we energize it. It reflects. It shows your ancestral background and possibly the choices that were made in past generations that influence DNA, the encoded information, of which you encode for future generations.

It is no coincidence that brain tissue looks like a bundle of intestinal tissue. They both, very much, hold similar functions within the body in that they both process and digest information of which the body then naturally transmits and expresses, as in an in breath and out breath. Therefore, your lifestyle choices and what you consume through your senses are processed through the digestive system and the brain. The nutrition-oriented tools that I have learned through my studies in the last 20 years and through the school of Integrative nutrition have enriched me with a wealth of information to encourage an alignment with the body’s specific needs to align with optimum health, vitality, and beauty as part of an expression of nature and Earth.

In a nutrition consultation we can explore and find specific ways to honor your temple, expressing the divinity that is your body, mind, and spirit.